Q: How do I know what kitchen cupboards to choose?

A: Your kitchen cupboard company that you decide to go with all have all the different kitchen cupboard designs that they have to offer.  They will also provide samples for you to help make your decision easier.

Q: How do I know I have chosen the correct Kitchen Cupboard company?

A: It is always to get referrals when it comes to choosing a kitchen cupboard company.  Referrals always are the best way to find out if you are choosing the correct kitchen cupboard company.

Q: Can I purchase my own kitchen cupboards and just get the kitchen cupboard company to install them?

A: Yes there is no obligation to only purchase the kitchen cupboards from the company.  They can assist you with installing your kitchen cupboards that you have purchased yourself.

Q: How long does it take to install new kitchen cupboards?

A: This is all dependent on the size of the kitchen and what has been requested normally on larger kitchens it can take up to 3 days to install the new kitchen cupboards.

Q: How much is it to install new kitchen cupboards?

A: This depends on what type of kitchen cupboards you are looking to have installed as prices do differ. But kitchen cupboards can range from R10 000 and upwards. It is Best to ask the kitchen cupboard company as to what they would recommend if you have a budget.

Q: Do kitchen cupboard companies manufacture their own kitchen cupboards?

A: Majority of the larger chains do manufacture their own kitchen cupboards.